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Technotypes Listserv

What is Technotypes?

An unmoderated listserv for MSU faculty and staff, Technotypes serves as a support group to facilitate and promote collaboration among those with an interest in academic computing and instructional technology. The listserv is an open forum for discussing the day-to-day questions and problems we and our students encounter.

How do I subscribe to Technotypes?

  1. Using your MSU in-office Outlook email program, address an email message to lyris@listserve.mwsu.edu
  2. The email should have no subject line.
  3. Type subscribe technotypes in the body of the email. Do not capitalize; do not add a period.
  4. The message needs to be plain text. (Your default email may be html. If you are not sure, open a new message; click on Format; check Plain Text.)
  5. The email should have no signature.
Once you receive a “Welcome to Technotypes” email stating that you have been added to the listserv, you are ready to post questions or comments to the members of the listserv.

How do I send an email to the Technotypes listserv?
  1. Send your email to technotypes@listserve.mwsu.edu.
    (Note, this address is different from the one you used to subscribe to the listserv.)
  2. Once a member of the listserv, you should include a subject line with your email: the subject of the email will be the question put up for discussion.


For technical problems joining the listserv, contact Jim Hall

For information on the purpose of the listserv, contact Sally Henschel, Gary Morrison, or Crystal Boyle

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